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Introducing The Q4U Queueing System

Our queue has gone digital

In order to give you a better shopping experience.

This system will enable us to streamline our service delivery and understand your needs.


The Liveboard

Samrand Shoppers will notice monitor screens throughout the store.

Observe your ticket number and listen out to the automated annoucements as you shop.

Or watch the board while taking a load off on a waiting chair.

Sign In With Google Or The Built-in Facility


Please provide us with feedback about our new system so that we constantly evolve to serve you!

A Communica Care Project

FAQ About Queueing System

  • What happens when I 'Sign-In' ?

    Once you have 'signed in' your ticket will be added to the Queue and your name will become visible on the Liveboard Monitors observable within the store, keep this number in mind as when this number is called: the Liveboard will flash (your Full Name In Green) and you can then make your way to the service desk.

  • Why do I have to Sign-In or Sign-Up now?

    A: Communica took the decision to install a smart queueing system for two simple reasons, we realised that we have limited resources to allocate to the retail store and high demand for service, secondly we wanted to learn a little more about how we serve you, our busiest times and days so that we can allocate those resources accordingly and streamline our delivery to you, our customer.

    Different from simply spitting out a ticket number and calling your number, our new system can help us track and follow up, inquiries and visits to our store which will help us order your frequently requested items more appropriately.

  • I am just browsing, do I still need a ticket?

    If you are just browsing/ visiting the store or you are purchasing something from the store floor AND not requiring assistance from floor personnel then you do not need a ticket.

    If you are inquiring or purchasing about items that are not on our shop floor or are special order thereby warranting the assistance of our floor service personnel you will need a ticket to be assisted.

  • What benefits does the Queueing System offer me?

    A: The following benefits:

1) You are now able to enter the queue before you get there! Simply visit:
2) Counting the number of visits means we are able to reward or offer discounts to frequent visitors.
3) No more standing in a Queue, feel free to browse around on the store until your number is called
or take a load off your feet and take a seat in our seating area.

  • 'Sign-In With Google' vs 'Sign-Up With Q4U' ?

    When you use the 'Sign-In With Google' feature, we will fetch your Full Name and your email address from your account, NO OTHER PERSONAL INFORMATION IS STORED, our Google Sign-In follows an opted-out-first policy so we will not send you any promotional communications, you will be sent a confirmation email that you have signed-in to Q4U and instruction on how to disconnect your account, add more information, opt-in for promotions, at your own discretion.

    When you use Q4U's built-in Sign-Up, Only your Full Name, a Username and Password are required. Any addition information you wish to supply is completely at your own discretion, if you supply an email address (this is recommended) you can check/ uncheck to opt-in/out of promotional communications.

    For more information about the use of information, please visit:



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