BRAND: Communica


Course Outline:

During the course, you will learn how to build all of the following:

  • Sunrise Alarm - beeps as first sunlight enters your room
  • Pi Radio FM broadcasting - broadcast short range over FM radio
  • Smartphone Remote Control bed lamp or light switch
  • Automate opening your electric gate from your smartphone
  • Home Entertainment Theater System (movies/music) for your TV
  • Control and move a small robotic arm motor
  • In-house web-enabled Weather Station
Target Group
  • Training for ages 12 - 85
  • Students with an interest in combining coding with electronics and the
    physical world
  • Hobbyists and Professionals looking to learn more about Raspberry Pi, Coding in Python, Internet of Things & Physical Computing
    • No prior knowledge needed.
    • Bring own notebook/laptop.


    • Certificate of Attendance
    • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B + Pi Case + Power Supply
    • Pi Guy Electronics HAT, plugs onto your Raspberry Pi
    • HAT includes LEDs, Switches, Buzzer, Weather Sensors and Servo Motor
    • Fully prepared SD card (Pi hard drive) with countless code examples
    • Network Cable to connect Pi to your laptop
    • Students will receive a full-on 80 page training manual
    • Manual acts as course guide but also stretches into more advanced
    Please note the following
    • The training course is limited to 10 students only per training session. To secure your booking, you need to purchase the training online, by selecting the date of your choice
    • Training is ONLY at our Samrand Branch, 53 Landmarks Ave, Samrand, Centurion
    • Students Must wear a mask all the time, temperature will be measured and hands must be sanitized before entering the training room, only one student per table, max 10 persons per session.
    • Students are welcome to bring their own sanitizer to keep on their tables. We will also provide sanitizer at the entrance.
    • We will keep a register of students and temperature measured
    • Students can bring their own food / cold drinks. No snack will be provided