µWiFi Mini RGBW LED Controller, 12-24V DC, Uses, Home Interior Lighting, Gardens Lighting, Offices / Business Lighting, Products / Artistic Lighting


LED / RGBW lights controller, based on the μWiFi (microWiFi), wlightBox allows you to create an amazing atmosphere in your home through your lighting and control it from anywhere by your smartphone or tablet. With the free application wBox, you can control not only wlightBox, but also all the Blebox devices with µWifi communication technology built in.




    • Supply voltage : 12-24V DC
    • Outputs number : 4
    • Outputs type : PWM (RGBW)
    • Maximum current (channel) : 3A
    • Maximum current (total) : 12A
    • Max load : 288W
    • PWM frequency : 1kHz
    • Housing : made of polyurethane composition not containing halogens, self-extinguishing for thermal class B (130 °C)
    • Protecton Rating : IP20
    • Dimensions : 39 x 35 x 20 mm
    • Colour mode : RGB, RGBW, MONO
    • Mounting : in the flush-mounted box, on the lamp housing, directly connected to the LED strip, e.g. furniture
    • Transmission : bi-directional, encrypted
    • Transmission frequency : 2.4GHz
    • Communication standard : μWiFi, compatible with WiFi
    • Communication mode : direct connection (as access point), Wi-Fi connection via a standard router, connection with access from any location in the world (requires access to the Internet)
    • Control with : Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, iPad Mini, Android, computers and mobile devices operating a fully HTML5
    • encryption : WPA2-PSK and authenticated encryption with associated data (AEAD)