IDS 860-06X-08S

SKU: IDS 860-06X-08S


8 Zone Unpowered Expander Module for IDS X64 PANEL


Should the need arise for the panel to have more than 16 zones, this is easily accomplished by adding an X64 unpowered expander — either inside the original metal enclosure, or set up as a remote installation in a separate location. Each unpowered expander provides an extra 8 zones, and since a total of 6 of these expansion modules may be connected to a single X64 panel, this means that along with the 16 potential onboard zones, the X64 provides 64 zones when all modules are utilised.


Used to Expand the X64 Alarm Panel from 17 to 64 Zones, includes 2 Programmable Outputs & additional Tamper Zone per Module.


  • 8 Wired, end-of-line supervised Zone Inputs
  • Optional Tamper per zone using double end-of-line Resistors
  • Programmable Loop Response Time
  • Dedicated box Tamper Input
  • Protection against Lightning