BRAND: AccuMate

Lead Acid Battery Charger 6V/1.2A – 12V/1.2A


The AccuMate 612 is ideal for those who need a reliable automatic & effective charger & maintainer for both 6V & 12V batteries of any type. Just select 6V or 12V, connect it to the battery, plug it into the socket, & this reliable, temperature-compensated, 4-stage charger will charge & maintain the battery automatically & safely for months. The automatic 4-stage programme achieves a 100% full charge for optimal performance of both starter & deep cycle / stand-by batteries. Especially popular among collectors of early model “classic” vehicles.


  • FULLY AUTOMATIC SMART CHARGER – just connect & leave it. The battery-interactive AccuMate will fully recharge the battery and then maintain it safely, even for months
  • 1.2A CHARGE CURRENT –delivered at a constant rate right up to the final stage to ensure the most efficient charge
  • LONG TERM STORAGE –the AccuMate 612 is fully battery-interactive. That means it communicates continuously with the battery & adjusts its charge rate & voltage automatically according to the battery’s status to keep it in top condition for as long as required
  • RECOMMENDED BATTERY SIZE: From 4Ah (Amp-hours) to 75Ah rated storage capacity
  • FOR ALL 6V & 12V LEAD-ACID BATTERIES – batteries with filler caps, sealed batteries of all types, “calcium”, “calcium-calcium”…
  • Integral electronic protections against short-circuit at the clamps and wrong polarity connections. Spark suppression system. No fuses to burn. The output circuit switches off automatically if the charger becomes disconnected from the battery for any reason
  • Proven performance & reliability over many years