BRAND: Communica

CSR Bluetooth Serial Module Master/Slave Integrated with Protocol 9600 Baud BC04-B (Comms Compatible with LC-05, HC-05)


This is a master and slave in one module, switch by using AT commands.

This module also includes the base board, not only the core board, most functions are pre-set, so only the serial port communication is available but it’s more easy to use.

Communication compatible with other similar Bluetooth serial module: LC-05, HC-05


  • Based on bluetooth module BC04-B.
  • Use CSR popular buletooth chip, bluetooth V2.0 Protocol standard.
  • Serial port operation voltage 3.3V
  • Customize by AT commands for: baudrate, memory mode, module name, master/slave
  • Baud rate set at 9600, customization is possible.
  • Operation current, pairing at 30MA, after pairing is 8 MA during communication
  • sleep mode current: no sleep mode
  • Widely use for wireless data communication such as GPS navigation device, remote data collection, PDA devices
  • Also can pair and communicate with laptop, laptop bluetooth adapter, PDA devices
  • Be aware default setting of the product is slave mode, communication only available between master and slave mode, but not master and master, or slave and slave mode.
  • Board silk pring RXD means you need to the connect the RXD port of another device, and same for TXD port.
  • R2 version add software and hardware master/slave mode select, default is software on. To use hardware select, need cut off connection on software ON with middle pin first.