BATT 12V230

SKU: BATT 12V230


12V 230Ah Semi-Sealed Deep Cycle Lead-Acid Rechargeable Battery with Extreme Vibration Resistance in 513x276x241mm Size and 60kg Weight


The Excis 230 is suitable for use in cycling applications where a maintenance free solution is required. They can however be topped up in exceptional circumstances with the guidance of the technical department thus providing a rugged, abuse resistant product at a very competitive price.


  • Long float life
    Calcium alloy grids to minimise corrosion. Envelope separators to eliminate internal short circuits.
  • High Cycle design
    High density active material formulation. Glass matt fibre separators for active material retention.
  • Maintenance Free design
    Lead/calcium alloy grids result in very low water loss values and therefore no topping up is required for its design life under normal operation conditions.
  • Vibration resistance
    Plate locking devices as well as hot melt to anchor the plates in place result in a very vibration resistant product.
  • Tough PP container
    High impact resistance
  • Envelope Separators
    Eliminate short circuits by containing any shedding positive active Material.


  • Positive Plate : High density active material pasted onto a lead/calcium/tin alloy grid.
  • Negative Plate : High density active material pasted onto a lead/calcium alloy grid.
  • Separation : Micro-porous polyethylene separator for low electrical resistance. Glass matt fibre separator added to dramatically improve the cycle life.
  • Electrolyte : Dilute sulphuric acid. Specific gravity (25°C) = 1.260 ± 0.010
  • Charging voltage : Float – 2.27V/cell (25°C), Cycle – 2.47V/cell (25°C)
  • Temperature range : 0°C – 50°C, design life based on 25°C
  • Battery Dimensions : Length = 517mm, Width = 276mm, Height = 240mm with terminal.
  • Weight : 60.5kg filled with electrolyte.
  • Terminal Type : Taper terminal.