BRAND: Communica

HC-05 6 Pin Wireless Bluetooth RF Transceiver Module Serial BT Module for Arduino




 This module is not suitable for IOS

Module parameters:

    • PCB Size: 37.3mm (Long) X 15.5mm (wide)
    • Weight: 3.5g
    • Input voltage: 3.6V--6V, prohibit exceeding 7V
    • Leads 6 feet: EN/VCC/GND/RXD/TXD/STATE (Bluetooth state leads, not connected output low level, the output high level after connection)
    • With the connection status indicator, LED flash indicates no Bluetooth connection; Led slow flash indicates enter at command mode
    • On-board 3.3V voltage regulator chip, input voltage DC 3.6V-6V; When not paired, current about 30mA (due to LED lights flashing, current in the state of change); After the pairing succeeds, the current is about 10mA
    • Effective transmission distance of 10 meters in open area, more than 10 meters is possible, but not to ensure the quality of the connection
    • After pairing succeeds, can be used as full duplex serial port. No need to understand any Bluetooth protocol, but only support 8-bit data bits, 1-bit stop bits, no parity communication format. This is also the most commonly used communication format, does not support other formats!
    • Press the key and then power up the Bluetooth module to enter at mode, set parameters and query information
    • Can switch host and machine mode from at command
    • The module default baud rate is 9600, the default pairing password is 1234, the default name is HC-05

Wiring method:

    • VCC: Connect the power supply positive
    • GND: Connecting the cathode
    • RXD: The receiver, the Bluetooth module receives data from other devices, and the sending end TXD of the other devices normally
    • TXD: Send end, Bluetooth module sends data to other equipment; the receiving end RXD of the other equipments normally
    • En: To enable the end, need to enter the at mode when 3.3V

Package includes:

    1 X HC-05 6 Pin Wireless Bluetooth RF Transceiver Module Serial BT Module for Arduino