BRAND: Communica

HC-SR501 Infrared Sensor Module


HC-SR501 is based on infrared technology, automatic control module, using LHI778 probe design, high sensitivity, high reliability, ultra-low-voltage operating mode, widely used in various auto-sensing electrical equipment, especially for battery-powered automatic controlled products.


  • Automatic detecting: the output will be high when objects enter the sensing range, and automatically turn to low when object leaves
  • Photosensitive control (optional, not factory-set yet) can be set
  • Temperature compensation (optional, factory reset): In the summer when the ambient temperature rises to 30 ° C to 32 ° C, the detection distance is slightly shorter, temperature compensation can be used for performance compensation
  • Working mode (set by jumper)
  • Non-repeatable trigger/ delay mode (set to LOW): the sensor will turn to low TTL after the delay, even the sensing object is still in range
  • Repeatable trigger (set to HIGH): the sensor will not turn to low if the object still staty in the sensing range in the delay time
  • Wide operating voltage range: default voltage 4.5V~20DCV
  • Micro-amp power level consumption: static current <50 microamps="" particularly="" suitable="" for="" battery-powered="" automatic="" control="" products="" li="">
  • Output high signal: easy to achieve docking with the various types of circuit
  • Adjustment:
    • Adjust the distance: turn the potentiometer clockwise rotation, increased sensing distance (about 7 meters), on the contrary, the sensing distance decreases (about 3 meters)
    • Adjust the delay: turn the potentiometer clockwise rotation sensor the delay lengthened (600S, 10 minutes ), on the contrary, shorten the induction delay (0.3 second)


  • Use BISS0001 signal processing IC, sanyo genius regulator
  • Voltage: 5V~20V
  • Power Consumption: 65mA
  • TTL output: 3.3V, 0V
  • Delay time: adjustable (0.3sec~10 minutes)
  • Lock time: 0.2sec
  • Trigger methods: L – disable repeat trigger, H enable repeat trigger
  • Sensing range: less than 120 degree, within 7 meters
  • Temperature: – 15 ~ +70degC
  • Dimension: 32x24mm, distance between screw 28mm, M2, Lens dimension in diameter: 23mm