BRAND: Centurion

Centurion G-Speak Ultra 4G GSM Intercom Kit

G-Speak Ultra 4G GSM Intercom Kit


The G-SPEAK ULTRA promotes the ultimate in convenience and peace of mind by combining wireless GSM technology with CENTURION’s futuristic and stylish ULTRA interface.


Answer your intercom from anywhere in the world for maximum security and


  • Answer your intercom from anywhere - your mobile phone becomes the intercom handset
  • No messy and expensive wiring
  • Two call buttons with the ability to ass two numbers per button and time-barring configurable per button
  • Two high-security features - talk mode and listen Mode
  • Backlit entry panel lends a sophisticated lock to unit
  • Sleek design with lcd interface for east diagnostics and system information
  • Programmable via G-WEB Plus
  • Intelligent monitoring of centurion gate motors status outputs
  • Time-barring: Supported on access numbers, inputs and outputs
  • Input trigger notifications via sums missed call or email
  • Outputs can be activated individually via SMS, missed call or keypad and phone
  • Four channels individually configurable as either input or outputs


Supply Voltage Range 11-24VDC
Maximum Current Draw 300mA @ 12VDC
Input/output Current Rating 50mA (Open Collector)
Relay Contact Current Rating 1A, 30V AC/DC (Resistive)
Input Sense Voltage Range 0-24VDC (0-1.6V Low Input State, 5V-24V High Input State)
Network Compatibility GSM 900/1800MHz
Sim Card Micro-format, Activated Vodacom Sim Card Supplied
Number of configurable Input/output Channels 4
Call buttons on calling module 2
Call confirmation at calling module Yes
Speech Volume Adjustable at calling module using call buttons
Calling Module illumination Call buttons and label with back-lit white LEDs
Antenna Internal GSM antenna with option to connect external for sites that so require
Memory Capacity Channels

1500 access numbers

5000 event logs

20 access profiles

1 custom welcoming SMS message for new access numbers

20 Custom output activation sms messages(from device to user)

30 Custom input notification sms/email messages (from device to user)

100 visitor time -barring windows (windows are the periods between two dates

30 generic time-barring windows(windows are weekly recurring)

10 output activation schedules (schedules are weekly recurring)

3 daylight saving periods

4 input to output mapping configurations

GSM Quad-band: GSM850, GSM900, DCS1800, PCS1900 GPRS Class 12
Control Unit Product Dimension 100mm L) x 30mm W) x 70mm(H)
Gate Station Package Dimension 70mm(L) x 30mm (W) x 140mm(H)
Packaging Dimension 170mm(L) x 50mm (W) x 240mm(H)
Warranty Manufacturer's Warranty



  • 1 x Control Unit
  • 1 x Gate Station Intercom
  • Fixings and Instructions

Please note:

  • There is a Built-in Sim Chip.
  • Sim card is not Included

Additional Information

Device Intercom Kit
Type G-Speak | Ultra | 4G | GSM