CRL 12-00392

SKU: CRL 12-00392

BRAND: Clearline

Type 1 AC power surge protector for industrial use


 Type 1 AC power surge protector for industrial use, with internal disconnection, status indicator and remote signaling.  Standards IEC 61643-0 and EN 61643-11 compliance. The DS250VG is a very heavy duty type 1 AC surge protector device (SPD) designed to be connected at the entrance of the electrical installation. It provides an efficient protection against direct and indirect effects and is particularly useful in a high lightning density area where the risk of heavy surge current or even direct strike is high (e.g. buildings equipped with lightning rods). The DS250VG is a one-pole SPD and can be used in common mode (2. 3 or 4 DS250VGs connected between UPE and N/PE = CT1 configuration) or common and differential mode (DS250VGs connected between UN and 1 x DS100EG between N/PE = CT2 configuration). This SPD is designed to withstand a 25kA lightning current (101350~s Impulse). It Is based on specific heavy duty GDT and high energy MOV block. This technology allows the best behaviour possible on AC network (no follow current and no leakage current) and a very low residual voltage. The SPD is DIN rail compatible and is featured with double terminal for line wire to allow improved connection to AC network. To meet standards, the DS250VG includes a thermal disconnection mechanism, fault Indicator and an internal rnicroswitch for remote signalling.