BRAND: Dremel

Dremel Workstation Drill Press

Workstation Drill Press


What can you do with it?
The Dremel Workstation is the ultimate helping hand to your workspace.
Its a drill press with a maximum drill depth of 5cm, a tool holder with the freedom to hold your Dremel Multi-Tool at any angle to sand, polish and more, as well as a built in Flex-shaft tool holder, to hang your Multi-Tool correctly and safely. Keep your workspace clutter free by utilizing the Workstations storage feature. The crows nest allows you to keep your Dremel essential accessories and other small items all in one place.
How to use
Get angles up to 90° when you drill, sand, polish and more. Make your sanding perfect by having your Dremel Multi-Tool and favorite Sanding accessory mounted at a fixed angle for the best smooth finish. To attach your Dremel Multi-Tool, simple remove the nose cap, place the tool head first into the work stations tool mounting point and tighten with the provided wrench. For your safety and correct use, read the manual before using your Dremel Workstation.


Additional Information

Device Drill Press
Type Workstation