SKU: GPE-2323


Bench Top Power Supply Adjustable 2 Channel, 0-32VDC, 0-3A, 4.3 Inch LCD Display, 192W

Bench Top Power Supply


The GPE-X323 series is cutting edge, economical linear DC Power supplies. The GPE-X323 series features output power from 192 to 217 watts, three independent isolated output channels (for GPE-3323), high resolution, low noise, high reliability, and compact size. The GPE-X323 series has a built-in digital panel control design to replace conventional control method. This unique design allows the GPE-X323 series linear DC power supply to provide users with more efficient functionalities, including set view and key lock so as to expedite the operation process. The key lock function protects DUTs by preventing others from changing voltage and current parameters. Additionally, output key light facilitates users in clearly reading the operational status of power supply.


  • 1/2/3/4 Independent Isolated Output
  • 4.3 Inch LCD Display
  • Setting & Read Back Resolution
  • 100mV/10mA (*1)
  • Output On/off
  • Analog Control (Remote I/O) For
  • Output ON/OFF
  • Set View Function For Checking an
  • Original V/I Setting During Output On
  • Key Lock Function
  • Tracking Series And Parallel Operation
  • Smart Cooling Fan Achieving Low Noise
  • Optional European Jack Type Terminal


Additional Information

Device Power Supply
Type Bench Top | Adjustable | 2 Channel