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Automatic Ralay Irrigation Module DIY Kit

Automatic Ralay Irrigation Module DIY Kit


This product does not need programming, not include the microcontroller, so we don't provide any code. We don't provide power, you can use the charging treasure (5V DC) as a power supply, or use 4 AA batteries.

About Testing:

    • Test the relay module: connect the relay module VCC to 5V, GND to the ground, and IN to GND, the relay is will beat, if IN is vacant, the relay will restored, so you can hear the “Kaka” sound;
    • Test the soil moisture sensor module: connect the fork probe and transmitter module with two dupont cable, connect the transmitter module VCC to 5V, and GND to the ground. The red power lamp is always on as soon as it is powered on, and the green (blue) led will gleam for once; put the fork probe directly into the water, the green (blue) light will on;
    • Connect the red line of the pump to 5V, black wire to the ground, the water pump will start work. Note that: the test can be performed for 1 second. because it can not expose to the air for a long time.
    • According to the schematic assembly.


    • This product needn't welding, but it requires you to strip the wire, twist the copper wire together and protect it with black tape.
    • The pump can not run a long time in the air;
    • Connect the system and power, the pump will work all time, it is right, because in the air, the probe can not detect the humidity, if install it to the flowerpot, then it can normally work.

Note: Do not pour water directly onto the soil probe. If the humidity of the water is too high, it will cause the product to rust and become inoperable.

  • 1 x Relay Module
  • 1 x Soil Moisture Probe + Comparison Module
  • 1 x Small Pump
  • 1 x Battery Holder
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x 50cm Silicone Tube
  • 10 x 20cm F-F Dupont Cable

Additional Information

Device Ralay Irrigation Module
Type Automatic | DIY Kit