BRAND: Communica

LTC3780 DC/DC CC CV Auto Buck Boost Converter 5-32V TO 1-30V-10A Solar Battery Charger

5-32V TO 1-30V-10A Solar Battery Charger


This power supply is an automatic step up/down power supply module. Output voltage can keep stable when input voltage is below, above or equal to the output voltage.

For example setting the output as 12V, the input voltage changes within 5 ~ 32V output voltage is always 12V;It has constant voltage, constant voltage, under voltage protection,and output indication, fault indicator function, output over current, over voltage, short circuit protection;all components can achieve industrial applications.Can be perfectly used in various occasions,such as charging, high power LED driver, device power supply, car power source, etc.


  • The circuit board is thickly plated .
  • The fuse of input can be changed, to protect power supply and equipment.
  • Using high quality chips, low resistance and high frequency capacitor.
  • The module uses imported original IC.
  • It has constant voltage, constant voltage, and under voltage protection.
  • Oxidized heat sink is better at cooling than original color aluminum heat sink.
  • The material of inductor is sendust, it can heat less.


    • Type: Non-isolated step up/down module
    • Input Voltage: DC 5V-32V(suggest 10V above )
    • Output Voltage: DC 1V-30V(continuously adjustable)
    • Output Current: 10A(max),less than 7A for long-term use
    • Output Power: 80W(suggested), 130W(max). Please enhance heat dissipation when power is more than 80W.
    • Output Ripple: 50mV (measured at 5A, 12V to 12V)
    • Reverse Input Protection: Not support. If needed, a schottky diode can be added in series at input.
    • Output Flow Back Protection: Not support. If used for storage battery charging or powered inductive load, a schottky diode can be added in series at output.
    • Short Circuit Protection: Yes

      Adjustment Method:

    • Battery under voltage protection adjustment method:(take 12V lead-acid battery as an example, set 10V under-voltage protection, shut off output)
      • Input is connected to regulated power supply adjusted to 10V, adjust under-voltage protection potentiometer (clockwise to increase, counterclockwise to reduce), till the failure indicator (red) light is on.
      • Then when the battery discharge to 10V, it will automatically cut off power supply to protect battery from damage.
      • Note:If not powered by batteries, you can skip this setting.
    • Output voltage adjustment methods:Input is connected to power source (voltage is higher than the under-voltage protection value), the red light is off while blue light is on. Output is connected to multimeter, adjust output voltage potentiometer (clockwise to increase, counterclockwise to reduce) till the required voltage;
      • Note: Normally the red light is off, blue light is on, otherwise there is fault, input under-voltage protection, output over-current protection, output short circuit protection, please troubleshoot and power on again.
    • Output current adjustment methods:(take 12V input to charge 12V lead-acid battery as example, the charging current is 5 A)
    • Input is connected to 12V power supply, turn multimeter to current position, output is connected to multimeter in parallel (red pen to output positive, black pen to negative, short circuit output directly.
    • It is suggested to use current positions more than 15A, in case of burning out fuse), adjust constant current potentiometer (clockwise to increase, counterclockwise to reduce), till it displays required current 5A, then remove the multimeter,
    • connect to the battery to charge normally. If use ammeter to adjust output current, refer to current meter corresponding circuit correctly connect and debug.
    • Note:If used for constant voltage equipment, only need to set the maximum output current.

Package Included:

  • 1 x LTC3780 DC-DC Step Down Module

Additional Information

Device Battery Charger
Type 5-32V to1-30V-10A | Solar