IDS 860-36-0001

SKU: IDS 860-36-0001


IDS Modem for IDS 805 Panel



The IDS Modem provides a means for security companies to set up the configuration of client’s alarm panels on the bench, and maintain them via a fixed line telephone network. The modem will work with all IDS Alarm Panels except the IDS 1600. lDS 816EX and lDS 1632 Alarm Panels can download/upload at 900bps.

Remote updating and modifying client's Alarm Panel configuration is performed using IDS download Software for MS Windows.



  • inimum System Requirements :
    • IBM PC
    • MS Windows XP Service Pack 1 or later
    • 1 free Com Port ~ or 1 free USB port
    • IDS Download Software version 3.18 or later
    • Access to telephone line pair



  • Line Interface :
    • V21 compliant (300bps) when uploading/downloadng from IDS 816 Alarm Panels
    • 900bps (propriety) capability when uploading/downloading from IDS 816EX and IDS 1632 Alarm Panels
  • PC Interface :
    • USB driver software is provided to permit the device to operate via the PCs USB port
  • NOTE : The IDS Modem will NOT work with the IDS1600 Alarm Panels - these require a standard commercial modem