MAJ K2009A


BRAND: Major Tech

2000A AC/DC Digital Clamp Meter with 4000 True RMS Count


 The K2009A is designed for superior performance, value and has been redesigned to meet the IEC 61010 Safety Regulations. The new custom designed LCD has a maximum of 4000 counts, and has microprocessor controlled annunciators and the decimal point. The K2009A has added features that include an Auto Zero adjustment button for the DC current range as well as an OUTPUT terminal for current measurements that provides a DC voltage in proportion to the reading on AC or DC current range, ideal for long term monitoring with a recorder or other recording devices. A unique terminal cover encloses the input terminals for COM and V/Ω, when the OUTPUT terminal is being used, thus avoiding accidental application of voltage to the instrument. The tear-drop-shaped jaws with a maximum conductor diameter of 55mm allow easy access with conductors and the rugged construction withstands heavy-duty job site abuse. The K2009A True RMS clamp meter offers a unique feature with the LoHz mode which automatically selects a lower sample rate in low frequency measurement to reduce the fluctuations of display readings. The average mode allows easy reading of fluctuating voltages and currents.



  • True RMS clamp meter
  • Peak Hold
  • ø55mm Cable allow for easy access
  • Current measurement from 0.1 Amp to 2000 Amps AC/DC
  • Measures ACV to 750V and DCV to 1000V
  • Resistance to 4000Ω
  • 4000 Count LCD display
  • Frequency response from 30Hz to 1kHz on ACV and ACA
  • Microprocessor DCA zero adjustment
  • K2009A offers Frequency measurement
  • Terminal cover avoids use of incorrect terminal for voltage
  • Provides Recorder Output for long hour monitoring
  • Continuity Buzzer
  • Auto Power Off



  • Operating system : Dual integration
  • Display : Liquid crystal display with a maximum count of 4000 plus annunciators
  • Over-range indication : "OL" is shown on the display
  • Response time : Approx. 2 seconds
  • Sample rate : About 3 times per second
  • Temperature and humidity for guaranteed accuracy : 23°C ± 5°C, relative humidity accuracy guaranteed 75% without condensation
  • Operating temperature and humidity: 0°C - 40°C, relative humidity accuracy guaranteed 85% without condensation
  • Power source : 6F22 (DC9V) or equivalent battery
  • Current consumption : Approx. 15mA max.
  • Sleep function : Automatically powered down in about 30 minutes after the last switch operation (power consumption: about 200µA)
  • Overload protection : DC/AC current ranges: 2400A AC for 10 sec, DC/AC voltage ranges: 1200V AC/DC for 10 sec, Resistance range: 600V AC/DC for 10 seconds.
  • Withstand voltage: 5500V AC, 50/60Hz for 1 minute between electrical circuit and housing case for metal parts of the jaws
  • Insulation Resistance : 10MΩ or greater at 1000V between electrical circuit and housing case or metal part of the jaws
  • Conductor size : Approx. 55mm diameter max.
  • Dimensions : 250(L) x 105(W) x 49(D)mm
  • Weight : About 530g
  • Accessories : Test leads M-7017 / 6F22 Battery / Carrying case M-909 / Instruction manual / Recorder output plug M-8201
  • Optional Accessories : Multi-Tran M-8008 / Recorder M-5100A, etc / Output lead M-7014
  • DC Current Accuracy : ± 1.5% of rdg ± 2 dgts
  • AC Current Accuracy : ± 1.5% of rdg ± 3 dgts (50/60Hz), ± 3.0% of rdg ± 4 dgts (30 ~ 1kHz), ± 3.5% of rdg ± 3 dgts (50/60Hz)
  • AC Voltage Accuracy : ± 1.5% of rdg ± 3 dgts (50/60Hz), ± 2.0% of rdg ± 4 dgts (30 Hz) ~ 1 k
  • DC Voltage Accuracy : ± 1.0% of rdg ± 2 dgts