MAJ K6315-03

SKU: MAJ K6315-03

BRAND: Major Tech

Power Quality Analyser


Easy-to-use settings that simultaneous record of power & power quality measurements in one survey. Major Tech’s Power Quality Analyser are the perfect tools for measuring energy and power control. The K6315 measures Voltage, Current, Frequency, Active power, Reactive power, Apparent power , Active energy, Reactive energy, Apparent energy, Power factor (cosꝊ), Neutral current, Demand, Harmonics, Quality (Swell/Dip/Interruption/Transients/Over voltage, Inrush, Unbalanced rate), Capacitance calculation for PF correction unit, Flicker.


    • Accessories:

      • Carrying case
      • AA Batteries
      • Test leads
      • Instruction manual
      • Charger
      • Software
      • USB Cable
      • 2GB SD Card
      • COC