BRAND: Sentry

12VDC Dual Sim TCP/IP GSM Communicator with SMS Backup


The GSM Communicator provides a stable and versatile platform for customers wishingto add remote switching and monitoring functionality to a wide variety of applications. The unit supports both SMS and GPRS communication options and offers multiple input, as well as output peripherals. The GSM Communicator is ideally suited to batterypowered applications where effective power management is critical. The device may be used as a stand-alone unit that interfaces to one, or many cell phones. Alternatively, the Sentry GSM Communicator may be used in conjunction with the Sentry GPRS server infrastructure, offering a full remote management solution that is robust, as well as cost-effective. The device contains a unique “virtualwallet” feature that allows credits to be loaded onto the device. When an input pulse is detected, the unit determines if credit is available. If so, the pulse is reproduced on an output port and a credit is deducted. The Sentry GSM Communicator is simple to set up and operate. A tri-colour LED indicates normal operation, fault conditions and adequate signal strength. All settings on the unit may be retrieved and altered remotely by an authorized user.


  • SIM pin lock
  • GPRS with SMS fail-over or SMS only
  • Application server (GPRS, SMS-to-TCP/IP) with management software
  • Intuitive application software
  • 3 time-settable modes available per output port (latch, toggle, pulse)
  • Output port activation via SMS or missed call (optional confirmation via SMS)
  • Up to 2 master (can alter settings remotely) users and 100 regular users
  • User-settable input activation trigger-duration
  • Input activation on high or low trigger
  • SMS alerts sent concurrently to up to 3 destinations


  • 2 x relay outputs (5A, 220V AC, 28V DC)
  • 1 x digital output (0V low, 5V high)
  • 2 x digital inputs (0V 24V DC)
  • Supply requirements: (12V, 500mA)
  • External UART (3.3V or 12V)
  • External I2C bus
  • Real time clock/calendar with power backup
  • Dual SIM
  • Status indication LED (Tri-colour)
  • Quad-band GSM module (Class 10 GPRS)
  • External SMA connector
  • Low-power standby mode