BRAND: Optex

Optex Multi Angle Wall Mount Bracket For All Optex FLX-S-ST & FLX-S-DT Sensors Of The FLIPX Standard Series, Can be Rotaed Horizontally: +1-45° or -5 to 20° Vertically

Multi Angle Wall Mount Bracket


Although using the bracket is optional, it has several advantages. The main one is that it allows for much further flexibility as you can rotate it to create the optimal detection area for your site.

  • It can be rotated +/- 45° horizontally or -5 to 20° vertically.

Another key advantage is that since the sensor is not directly mounted on the wall or ceiling, it makes it more difficult for insects or small reptiles to crawl onto the sensor detector lens and therefore further minimizes the chance for false alarms.

This accessory is EN Grade 2 Compliant.


Additional Information

Device Bracket
Type Multi Angle | Wall Mount