BRAND: Promate

Universal Laptop cooling Station with adjustable width and suitable for 7.0 inch ~ 15.4 inch laptops



Now a day in Laptops built in small heat sinks is no longer enough to manage the overheating problem due to high speed operations, which results unstable system, hang problem, reduction in performance, crashing down often and shortened life of Notebooks. Therefore, an external Notebook cooler become Essential to Notebook users. There is nothing, which can solve such problems like prostration.3.

In order to solve all the heating problems, prostration.3 is a unique solution which is not only designed for cooling down the Notebook rapidly, but also give you a convenient way to type and view the screen. Its compete hidden mechanical structure also allows you to carry easily. Furthermore, the adjustable width of proStation.3 makes it fit to the Notebooks of different sizes from 7'' to 15.4''. Minimum size and maximum application build proStation.3 your best travel mate



  • Adjustable width
  • Easy and Compact to carry
  • Silent Operation
  • Powered by USB port
  • Smooth with hidden mechanism design



  • Dimension : 220x90x20mm
  • Unfold Dimension : 320x105.5x42.6mm
  • Application : 7.0?-15.4?Notebooks
  • Required Voltage : DC 5.0 V
  • Current : 0.13 A
  • Power Consumption : 0.7 W
  • Power Supply : USB Cable
  • Fan Speed : 2300 R.P.M.
  • Noise : 20 dBA
  • Weight : 240g