BRAND: Communica

3,3-5VDC DS18B20 Temperature Sensor Breakout Board 33.2x14x1.6mm


DS18B20 is a single-bus digital temperature sensor with features of ultra-small size, wide range of applicable voltage and measurable temperature and high resolution, etc. , which can be applied to temperature control, industrial systems, consumer products, thermometers or any thermal measurement system.


Plug and play, easy to use. Compatible with the mainstream 2.54 interfaces and 4-Pin Grove interfaces in the market.


  • General :
    • PCB size : 33.2x14.0x1.6mm
    • Working voltage : 3.3 or 5VDC
    • Operating voltage : 3.3 or 5VDC
    • Measurable range : -55~+125°C
    • Measurement resolution : 9~12bits(programmable)
    • Compatible interfaces 2.54 3-pin interface and 4-pin Grove interface(S for digital input/output port, V and G for voltage at the common collector and ground respectively)
  • DC Electrical Characteristics :
    • Working Voltage : 3VDC (Min.) - 5VDC (Typical) - 5.5VDC (Max.)
    • Working Current (VCC=5V,T=25°C) : 1mA (Typical) - 1.5mA (Max.)
    • Sampling Interval : 1s (Min.)
    • Accuracy :
      • (-10~+85°C) : ±0.5 (Max.)
      • (-55~+125°C) : ±2 (Max.)
    • Logic Input low level VIL : 0.3V (Min.) - +0.8V (Max.)
    • Logic Input high level VIH : 2.2V (Min.) - 5.5/VCC+0.3V (Max.)
  • AC Electrical Characteristics :
    • Temperature conversion time (tCONV) :
      • 9-bit accuracy : 93.75ms (Max.)
      • 10-bit accuracy : 187.5ms (Max.)
      • 11-bit accuracy : 375ms (Max.)
      • 12-bit accuracy : 750ms (Max.)
    • Time for strong pullup on (tSPON) : 10us (Max.)
    • Time slot (tSLOT) : 60us (Min.) - 120us (Max.)
    • Recovery time (tREC) : 1us (Min.)
    • Write 0 low time (tLOW0) : 60us (Min.) - 20us (Max.)
    • Write 1 low time (tLOW1) : 1us (Min.) - 5us (Max.)
    • Read data valid (tRDV) : 15us (Max.)
    • Reset time high (tRSTH) : 480us (Min.)
    • Reset time low (tRSTL) : 480us (Min.)
    • Presence-detect high (tPDHIGH) : 15us (Min.) - 60us (Max.)
    • Presence-detect low (tPDLOW) : 60us (Min.) - 240us (Max.)
    • Capacitance (CIN/OUT) : 25pF (Max.)
Instruction : Each DS18B20 has a unique 64-bit serial code, which allows multiple DS18B20s to function on the same 1-Wire bus. The scratchpad memory contains the 2-byte temperature register that stores the data output from the temperature sensor. In addition, the scratchpad provides access to direct temperature alarm trigger registers (TH and TL) and the 1-byte configuration register. The configuration register allows the user to set the resolution of the temperature-to-digital conversion to 9, 10, 11, or 12 bits. The TH, TL, and configuration registers are nonvolatile (EEPROM), so they will retain data when the device is powered down.