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An innovative bareboard computer enclosure platform allows electronics designers, for the first time, to cook up creations that bring together ham, egg and Raspberry Pi.
Feinmetall’s assortment of test probes includes contact probes for automatic pick-and-place assembly of printed circuit boards (PCB) or other electronic devices. These solderable, short travel parts are available as taped components for fast and cost effective mounting interrupting a manufacturing process....
3M boasts an extensive range of materials designed to meet the quality, protection and performance needs of the electronics manufacturing industry.
Hirschmann’s 0,64 mm conventional PCB plugs fit standard connectors available on the market. Ideally suited for fine pitch testing, the extremely small contacts are completely protected and mate with a broad range of SMD probes and test clips.
Data Over LED
Thinking of flickering LED lights everywhere? No, not at all, the modulation is so subtle as a result of its sheer speed that your naked eye won't notice a thing.
Scientists Freeze Light
Researchers in Germany have managed to stop light for up to one minute inside a crystal and store digitally-encoded information inside it. The technique shatters previous records and could prove very useful in developing faster and highly efficient quantum and optical computers.

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