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High-Performance Cooling Fans
The increasing construction of large load circuits for drives and controllers results in the use of larger and higher performance electronic assemblies like IGBTs and similar devices. In these performance classes, efficient heating is only possible through forced convection making use of fan units or...

Enclosures for Credit Card Sized Computers
Hammond Manufacturing has launched a range of design-specific moulded enclosures to support the new types of credit card sized, low-cost bare-board computers, which typically run Linux and provide basic functionality across a wide range of applications. Although broadly similar in size and shape, there...

Enclosure Handles
Hammond Manufacturing has added a further 24 variants to its extensive range of handles, which are designed to complement enclosures, subracks, chassis, drawers and panels used in the electronic, networking, broadcasting and electrical markets. All styles of handle have pleasing modern lines intended...

HB LED Driver
The HV9910C is an open loop, current mode, universal high brightness (HB) LED driver IC from Supertex. It is ideal for general and decorative LED lighting, flat panel display backlighting, and other DC/DC or AC/DC input based applications. The device is designed to convert high voltage supplies (85 V–265...


Data Over LED

Data Over LED
Thinking of flickering LED lights everywhere? No, not at all, the modulation is so subtle as a result of its sheer speed that your naked eye won't notice a thing.

Scientists Freeze Light

Scientists Freeze Light
Researchers in Germany have managed to stop light for up to one minute inside a crystal and store digitally-encoded information inside it. The technique shatters previous records and could prove very useful in developing faster and highly efficient quantum and optical computers.

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