by Published in Dataweek March 22, 2017

19” rack handles seismic shocks

Available as standard in sizes from 20U high, 58,42 cm wide and 60 cm deep to 49U high, 58,42 cm wide and 91,44 cm deep, typical applications include broadcast, test equipment, cabling cabinets, systems and general electronics.

The rack is rated to carry a 454 kg load when installed in a building sited on Soil Groups A, hard rock, down to D, stiff soil. To conform, the centre of mass of the load must be below the height centre line of the rack and the rack must be bolted to the floor of the building. The doors and panels are not structural elements, so the seismic rating applies to both open and clad racks.

The C2 19” rack is constructed from a 14-gauge steel fully welded frame, fitted with 16-gauge steel doors and side panels. For 19” equipment mounting, there is a choice of either 10-gauge steel tapped mounting rails or 12-gauge steel square hole mounting rails. The mounting rails are fully adjustable front to back within the rack to accommodate differing equipment depths.

A choice of top panels includes solid, vented, solid with fan cutouts or solid with pre-installed fans up to 550 CFM. A comprehensive range of dedicated accessories ensure that the great majority of projects and applications can be satisfied by configuring the rack from standard products. The C2 19” rack can be easily and quickly factory modified if required.

Published in Dataweek
Published in Dataweek

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