BRAND: Dobot

Dobot Mooz 2 Plus. Two Axis Industrial Grade Transformable 3D Printer used for 3D Printing, CNC Carving & Laser Engraving

Transformable 3D Printer


MOOZ-2 PLUS is designed with an upgraded heated bed, which comprises of a magnetic removable glass platform and a flexible steel print sheet. The glass platform possess a high modulus of elasticity and is thermally stable. Therefore, it remains flat and will ensure your bed’s leveling remains consistent throughout. After printing is finished, you can easily take down the flexible steel print sheet together with the print, gently bend the steel sheet, and the print will be popped off easily.


  • Auto-Leveling
  • Flexible Build Plate
  • Filament Runout Detection
  • Auto Power Off
  • Power-Loss Recovery


Model DT-MZ-2ZSG-03C
Shipping Size X460 * Y425 * Z510mm
Dimensions 355 * 355 * 390mm
Number of Modules 4
Forming Size 200 * 200 * 190mm
Frame Material Aluminum alloys
Operation Panel 3.5-inch color touchscreen
Adapter Input 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 1.8Amax
Adapter Output 12V~10A, 120W
PC Software MOOZ Studio/Cura
Protection Shield Standard
3D Printing
Nozzle Diameter 0.4 mm
Layer Resolution 0.05~0.3 mm
Supported Materials 1.75mm PLA, TPU, PETG, & Flexible Materials
Effective Printing Speed 0 ~ 80mm/s
Nozzle Temp 250℃ Max.
Heat Bed Temp 80℃ Max. (25℃ambient temp.)
Heat Bed Material Glass platform + Flexible steel print sheet
Printing Size X200 * Y200 * Z190mm
Supported Files Types STL, OBJ, JPEG, JPG, PNG, etc
Ambient Operating 10~40° C, 10~90% RH non condensing
Filament Runout Sensor Mechanical switch, build inside 3D printing module
Leveling Automatic Z-axis compensation, with magnetic independent auto leveling module
Power Loss Resume Supported
Laser Engraving
Work Area X200 * Y200mm
Laser Power 1.6W
Laser Class Class 4
Laser Service Life 4000hrs (non-continuous using)
Supported Materials wood, bamboo, leather, paper, plastic, fabric, & non-transparent acrylic
Supported Files Types JPEG, JPG, PNG, SVG, etc
CNC Carving
Spindle Speed 8000rpm Max
CNC Chuck Clamp Range 0~4mm
Size of Standard CNC Bit 3.175mm * 0.3mm * 30°V cutter; 1.5mm spiraling milling cutter
Supported Materials wood, bamboo, acrylic, PCB, carbon fiber sheet, plastic, etc
Working Area X200 * Y200mm

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Device Mooz 2 Plus