BRAND: Communica

300W Adjustable Constant Current DC-DC Buck Converter/LED Driver 5-40VIN to 1.2-35VOUT. Max 9AMP. Will Need Cooling Fan if Temperature Exceeds 65°

Adjustable Constant Current DC-DC Buck Converter


    • Fixed lamp current is 0.1 times of constant current value (used to identify whether the battery is full when charging);
    • A dedicated reference IC and a high-precision sampling resistor are used to make the constant current more stable (the temperature drift is less than 5% at a constant current of 5 degrees from 20 degrees to 60 degrees). Particularly suitable for LED drivers
    • The output current is large, and the maximum output current can reach 10A, which meets most needs.
    • 4 high frequency capacitors to effectively reduce output ripple and improve working stability
    • Double heat sink design, MOS tube Schottky diode independent heat sink, good heat dissipation, mutual influence
    • At the cost, the large-size iron-silicon-aluminum magnetic ring is used to improve the working efficiency, and the pure copper double wire is used to reduce heat and improve efficiency.
    • 3296 multi-turn potentiometer, high voltage and current regulation accuracy, good stability.
    • Dedicated current sampling resistor The current sampling precision is high, the stability is good, and the temperature is small. LED is a must.
    • Two-color indicator light, the working status is clear at a glance. Rechargeable.
    • The voltage and current are all adjustable, and the adjustable power supply is good. The 10A current is large and the power is sufficient.


  • High-power LED driver.
  • Lithium battery(or lead accumulator) charge.
  • Vehicle-mounted power supply.
  • Low voltage system power supply.
  • 6V, 12V, 14V, 24V battery charge.
  • On-board laptop power supply.
  • Regulated power supply.
  • Low voltage power supply system.


    • Material: PCB board and electronic component
    • Color: as the pic shows
    • Input voltage: 5-40V
    • Output voltage: 1.2-35V (continuously adjustable)
    • Output Current: 9A (power tube temperature exceeds 65°C please add cooling fan)
    • Constant current range:0.2-9A ( adjustable )
    • Output Power: Maximum power is about 300W (power tube temperature exceeds 65°C please add cooling fan)

Package Include:

  • 1 x Step Down Buck Converter Power Module

Additional Information

Device DC-DC Buck Converter
Type Adjustable | LM2596 | Step-Down