BRAND: Embest - element14

Triple-play Platform for Raspberry Pi, Arduino™ and 32-bit Embedded Arm. blending all 3 communities together to get the most out of each platform-using STM32F103RB MCU

Embedded Pi - A Triple-play platform for Raspberry Pi, Arduino and 32-bit embedded ARM


Embedded Pi is a triple-play platform for Raspberry Pi, Arduino™ and 32-bit embedded ARM. Blending all three communities together, Embedded Pi helps you to get the most out of each platform. The Embedded Pi is based on the STMicroelectronics STM32F103 MCU and form factor compatible with Arduino™ shields, it can operate as a bridge between Raspberry Pi and Arduino™ shields and in standalone mode as a Cortex-M3 evaluation board.

Depending on the jumper placement on the Embedded Pi, you can select each of the three modes of operation:

STM32/Standalone Mode : The Embedded Pi works as a base platform, the STM32 controls the Arduino™ shields directly without the use of Raspberry Pi. It can interface with outside world and can control surroundings by sending & receiving input/output using wide variety of sensors; like controlling lights, motors, and other actuators.

A quick & easy embedded project can be built in C using CooCox development tools, a FREE and easy-to-use ARM development tool environment for Cortex-M MCU with flash programming & debugging capability (CoIDE, CoFlash, CoLinkEx etc), along with the integrated abundant reusable code shared by CooCox team and CoFans.

ST-Adapter Mode: The Embedded Pi STM32 controls the Arduino™ shields, and the Raspberry Pi works as the GUI or command line console to send commands/data to and receive data from Embedded Pi. This is an advanced mode which extends and strengthens the automation control capability of the Raspberry Pi, taking the advantage of STM32F103 NVIC (Nested Vectored Interrupt Controller), GPIOs, and more peripherals like ADC and PWM.

Raspberry Pi Mode: The Embedded Pi works as a hardware connection bridge between Raspberry Pi and Arduino™ shields, allowing the Raspberry Pi to interface directly with existing Arduino™ shields, having a number of sensors & control to interact with external environment. It offers all the possibilities of connecting digital and analog sensors using the Arduino™ shield but with the power and capabilities of Raspberry Pi.

The Embedded Pi, Raspberry Pi & Arduino™ shields together offers reasonably powerful embedded development platform with more processing power, greater I/O and fascinating display quality.


  • A Triple play platform for Raspberry Pi, Arduino™ & 32-Bit ARM.
  • Provides Raspberry Pi with easy access to abundant Arduino™ shields.
    • Compatible with both 5V and 3.3V Arduino™ shields, selectable with jumpers
    • Hundreds of Arduino™ shields available on the market enhance the control capability of Raspberry Pi, e.g. to control Motor, sensors, etc.
  • Brings 32-bit ARM MCU into the world of Arduino™.
    • 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 STM32F103RB MCU operating at 72MHz, with 128KB Flash, 20KB RAM, motor control, USB, and CAN
    • Hundreds of Arduino™ shields available on the market with extremely portable drivers provided or to be shared by CooCox and CoFans
    • A complete set of FREE CooCox tools for ARM development
    • A common footprint next to Arduino™ footprint for connection with expansion daughter cards which will be developed by CooCox
  • Raspberry Pi and the STM32 MCU can work independently or in conjunction with each other to control the Arduino™shields or other accessories.
  • Three Working Modes: Raspberry Pi Mode, Standalone Mode & ST-Adapter Mode, selectable by jumpers.
  • FREE CooCox ARM development Tool for ARM [Windows Platform Only].


  • Package Contents :
    • Embedded Pi Board
    • USB 2.0 Cable
    • Flat Ribbon Cables
    • Rubber Colums
    • Technical Documents


Additional Information

Device Platform
Type Embedded Pi | Arduino | 32-bit Embedded ARM
Highlights 3 Communities together to get the most out of each platform | using STM32F103RB MCU