BRAND: Takex

B1830 / OMS12FE – Dual Zone Detector with 4 PIR's - Detecting Horizontal & Downward movement 180° coverage


  • This product is a passive sensor that can be used both indoors and outdoors, and that detects the far infrared radiation given off by body heat. Using this sensor with other products enables a variety of applications, such as giving notifications of visitors or waring in the detection of intruders
  • Dual zone detector, with 4 PIR's detection in both horizontal and downward zones
  • Pet immunity for small animals
  • 180º coverage detection 3m to 12m with adjustable pulse count/sensitivity
  • Mounting height 0.8m to 1.2m


  • Dual Zone system :
    • This sensor is equipped with a dual zone system which initiates an alarm only when detection occurs in both the horizontal and downward zones simultaneously
    • This prevents false alarms for distant automobiles or for small animals
    • By changing the angle of the downwards zone it is possible to change the detection distance
    • Distant vehicles that do not enter the downwards zone are not detected
    • Small animals that do not enter the horizontal zone are not detected
    • Similarly, birds and other objects that only enter the horizontal zone are also not detected
  • Selection of area corresponding to intended purpose :
    • The sensor watches a wide, 180° angle, meaning that a single unit can cover a wide range
    • A 90deg Zone either to the left or right can be disabled using the included area masking sheet enables partial masking of zones for which detection is not required
  • Rainproof housing :
    • IEC standard : IP54 compliant
  • Back Tamper :
    • Use of the provided back tamper rubber enables detection of interference with the sensor, such as attempts to remove it from the mounting surface
  • Support for mounting on poles (optional pole attachment) :
    • Use of the optional pole attachment enables mounting on poles with a diameter of 1.49" ~ 1.77" (38mm to 45mm)