BRAND: Communica South Africa

Insulation & Continuity Tester 1000VDC 999MΩ CATIII 600V 203x148x78mm 980g

Insulation & Continuity Tester


MIT 300 Series Insulation & Continuity Testers

A range of insulation testers that meet the relevant requirements of EN61557, BS7671, HD 384, IEC 364 and VDE 0413 for applications in all aspects of electrical contracting, building maintenance, testing, inspection and servicing.



  • 20mm LCD display with true analogue response
  • Tough rubber armoured case with self contained display cover that locks away underneath the instrument during use
  • Designed to hang comfortably around the neck for hands-free, or for bench use
  • Automatic 200mA fast continuity test on connection to the circuit
  • Lead resistance nulling on continuity allows for use of fused test probes
  • Automatic discharge of circuit under test
  • Safety input terminal interlock - prevents unsafe connection of test leads
  • Intelligent Safety System - even if connected to a live circuit whilst on continuity setting the tester will remain safe and undamaged
  • Live voltage warning alerts the operator when a circuit voltage over 25V exists when insulation testing
  • Safety lockout prevents the test from operating when the circuit voltage is > 50V
  • Continuity check - prevents a continuity test or buzzer test on a live circuit
  • 3 phase safe - will not be damaged if connected across phases
  • Locking test button
  • Meets the requirement of BS EN 61010-1 for safe connection to a 440V Installation Category III supply (600V Phase to Earth)
  • IP54


Additional Information

Device Tester
Type Insulation & Continuity