SKU: 53215299

BRAND: Weller

Weller Soldering Iron 24V 50W with Extraction Nozzle - FE-50m



FE Soldering Irons :

Weller FE soldering irons are specifically designed for tip extraction applications. The smoke tube is integral with the handle and is normally placed over the joint when soldering but can be retracted when access to the joint is a problem or removed for cleaning. The irons are temperature controlled, ergonomic and allow precise handling. The electronic controlled irons can be driven from any PU /PUD series power unit compatible with the rating of the iron or any rework station. FE 50M irons can only be driven from the P51 power unit. The range of iron power ratings and the extensive range of solder tips mean that there is an iron to suit all applications. The FE irons are supplied with a 5 mm-dia. burn proof hose 2.5 m long, all handles, leads and hoses are ESD safe.

Consists of:

FE 50M FE Soldering iron 50 W / 24 V Magnastat controlled 3PIN DIN PLUG controlled with soldering tip PT B7 2,4 mm