BRAND: Airlive

Airlive Smart Life IoT, Z-Wave Plus, Home Automation, Mini in Wall Roller Shutter Control Switch, used for Opening and Closing of Curtains.


Control Your Curtain by Light

Install the SA-103 with your curtain, it instantly become an intelligent device. Together with the SI-101 3-in1 sensor, you can choose when to open or close the curtain depend on the brightness in your room.

Fine Tune with the Smart Button

After pairing with the SR-101 smart button, you can then turn and twist the dial to open your curtain to exact position you prefer.


Voice Control

The SA-103 works with Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Simply ask Alexa or Google home to open or close the curtain. All things are done via voice control. It is that simple.

Z-Wave Plus Technology

The Z-Wave plus is the best choice for smart home with its interference free frequency and MESH architecture. These technology insure reliable, energy saving, and uninterrupted connection for your smart home devices. The SA-103 is also a Z-Wwave Plus repeater which repeat the signal to make signal coverage wider.

AirLive SmartLife Plus APP

The SmartLife Plus APP puts everything together in your smart home. You can view the reading or video of your device. The Scene manager let you design lighting and action for each room and occasions. The Macro allow you to set “If this then that” action. It allows you to tailor made your smart home to your need.


  • Z-Wave Plus technology
  • Overload protection
  • Support Roller Blinds, Curtain and Shutter
  • Auto report the shutter states
  • Act as Z-wave Repeater automatically
  • Longer Z-wave Signal transmission
  • AES 128 bit Z-wave encryption


    • Model : SA-103 In-wall Roller shutter Controller Z-wave Plus
    • Z-Wave Standard : Z-wave plus
    • Z-Wave Frequency : CE:868.40 MHz, 869.85 MHz
    • FCC:908.40 MHz, 916.00 MHz
    • Maximum transmission distance : 40 M (Indoor)
    • Power overload : 6 A
    • Supply Voltage : 90 ~ 240 VAC
    • Output Current : 5 A (Resistive Load)
    • Maximum Measurement Error : 3 W (Under 40 W)
    • Measurement Error Rate : 5% (Under 40 W)
    • LED Indicator : 1 Red LED

Dimension and Environment

    • Dimensions : 47.5(L) x 39(W) x 15.6(H) mm
    • Operating Temperature : 0 ~ 40° C
    • Storage Temperature 85% RH max

Standard Package

  • Package Size : 13.1 x 6.2 x 3 cm
  • Product Weight : 0.045 kg
  • Package Weight : 0.065 kg
  • Package Content SA-103 x 1