SKU: AZE-251


Brother Compatible Label Cartridge, TZE in Black on White Tape 24mm (8 meter), AZE-251 =BRH TZE 251

TZE in Black on White Tape Label Cartridge


  • Firstly, the adhesive surface should be cleaned and dried.
  • Please turn the gear in the direction shown by arrow on the tape for about 1-2 circles (Counterclockwise Turning) to tighten the ribbon before installing the tze tape into the label printers and avoid any fracture or jam of the tape.
  • Please extend some of the label through the outlet of the label maker before printing.
  • Do not pull the label paper and touch the label machine until the label ribbon is complete without printing.
  • Before the end of printing, please do not touch the cutter of label maker to avoid any error.

Additional Information

Device Label Cartridge
Type TZE | Black on White | Tape