BATT 12V1150K

SKU: BATT 12V1150K

BRAND: Royal

Rechargeable Battery 12V 105AH { L=335 W=175 H=240mm } 24.78kg * 6 Months Warranty *

Rechargeable Battery 12V 105AH


During occasional load shedding, at stage 1-3, the average life span is 1 year. Unfortunately, during constant load shedding, at stage 4 - 6, these cycles will be depleted within a few months. The batteries will also be further degraded due to insufficient time to recharge fully in between load shedding cycles.** Please note that as soon as the battery stops lasting, unfortunately the warranty becomes void, as this means that the battery has depleted its cycles and reached the end of its life.Therefore, during stage 4-6, if using in conjunction with an inverter, we highly recommend turning off the power switch on the inverter itself, when the need for power is not crucial.This will preserve the longevity of the battery (please keep the inverter plugged in to the wall permanently to keep it charged).

Additional Information

Device Battery
Type Rechargeable | 12V | 105AH
Nominal Voltage 12V
Nominal Capacity 105AH
Size L=335 W=175 H=240mm
Rechargeable True