SKU: CLX-QA26/20-500

BRAND: Dadisick

Light Curtain 26 Beam 500mm Sensing Length 20mm Object Spacing Dual O/P-PNP N/O & N/C



  • Perfect self-examination function
  • Strong anti-interference ability
  • Easy to install and adjustable
  • Simple wiring and beautiful appearance
  • Surface mount technology for superior shock resistance.
  • IEC61496-1/2 standard of Type 4 and has passed CE certification, Type 2, Type 4.
  • Ultra-small design. Width and thickness of only 35 * 50.8mm
  • Various models with a detection range of 50 to 2480 mm are available.
  • Performance of the light projection element of the system is higher.
  • The default detection distance is up to 3 meters and the maximum distance is 35 meters.