CRL 12-00190

SKU: CRL 12-00190

BRAND: Clearline

The DIN Filter is a Line Filter with Surge Suppression for Effective Protection Against Induced Lightning Transients and Mains Bourne Noise.

DIN Rail Filter


Electrical line noise from household and commercial alternating current outlets causes a variety of unwanted effects, from poor audio and video quality in consumer electronics and equipment damage. Clearline’s unique built-in thermal protection devices eliminates fire hazards. LED indication has been included to show if the protection is still functional. When the protector has been blown, the output power will be disconnected, indicating the unit needs to be replaced.


  • Thermal and overcurrent fusing
  • Inline protection
  • Compact design
  • Easy installation
  • Protected when Lit indication
  • Fire hazard protection
  • High surge capability
  • Effective filtration


Additional Information

Device Rail Filter
Type DIN