CRL 12-00567

SKU: CRL 12-00567

BRAND: Clearline

Clearline Multiplug (3Pin + 2PIN x4) + Dedicated Surge Indication Plug



These plugs are fitted with an overcurrent and thermal fuse. In the rare event of varistor failure, the varistors are disconnected from the mains suppy, preventing any dangerious tmparature rise. The fault indication LED which is normally go OFF to indicate that the unit is no longer protected. Mains power wil still be available to the unprotected equipment.

Clearline protects your equipment agaist lightning and surges without additional earthing. The protection modules have multiple stages of protection capable of blocking severe lightning and power surges. Clearline incorporates a fast overload device which will be activated in exreme conditions. Functional indication lamps display the protection status of the unit.



  • Plug-and-Play Concept
  • High Surge Handling Capacity
  • Economical Secondary Protection
  • Thermal and over-current fusing
  • Different and common mode Protection
  • Fire Harzard Protection
  • 4 x 16A SA Sockets
  • 4 x 16A Code C Euro Sockets



  • Norminal Opreating Voltage : 230VAC
  • Maximum Contineous Operating Voltage : 275VAC
  • Maximum Contineous Operating Current : 16A
  • Maximum Surge Current(8/20) : 8KA
  • Filtration dB/1MHz : None
  • Fault Indication: Protection OK : LED ON
  • Fault Indication: Protection faulty : LED OFF
  • Fusing : Intergrated 104°C Thermal and 16A Overcurrent Fuse
  • Temperature Range : -10°C to +70°C
  • Response Time : <25ns