CRL 12-01009

SKU: CRL 12-01009

BRAND: Clearline

Din Rail Gigabit in-line Protector Power Over Ethernet - POE Mode A+B

Din Rail Gigabit in-line Protector


Protects gigabit POE ethernet LAN equipment such as hubs switches, network interface cards, IP POE cameras and wireless AP from induced lightning and electrostatic discharge. PDs must support BOTH Mode A and Mode B to be compliant with the 802.3af standard. The Clearline Din Rail unit protects both Modes (Mode A & Mode B configurations).


  • All 8 lines protected
  • Protection for Mode A +B
  • Each pair supports 250Mbits/s
  • Negligible insertion loss
  • Good transmission rate
  • Din Rail mountable


  • Indication : N/A
  • 0.05kgTemperature Range : -20°C to +70°C
  • Standard Compliance : IEEE 802.3ab/at
  • Lead Length : 1x 300mm RJ45-RJ45 Cable
  • Dimensions : 90x18x55mm
  • Weight : 0.05kg

Additional Information

Device Protector
Type Din Rail | Gigabit in-line