CRL 12-01044

SKU: CRL 12-01044

BRAND: Clearline

Gigabit Isolation Supports:1000Mbits/s

Gigabit Isolation Supports:1000Mbits/s


Protects fast ethernet LAN equipment such as hubs, switches and network interface cards from induced lightning and ground potential differences by galvanically isolating the connected equipment.


  • Galvanic isolation, eliminates ground potential differences
  • Supports 1000Mbits/s
  • Very low insertion loss and crosstalk


Network/Dataline Surge Isolation Protection

  • Max. Discharge Current (Fine L-L) : 40A (8/20us)
  • Max. Discharge Current (Coarse L-E) : 2.5kA (8/20us)
  • Residual Voltage : <5V (1.2/50us)
  • Hi-Pot (Pri to Sec) isolation : 1500Vrms, 1mA, 60 seconds
  • Technology Supported : Gigabit Cat5e
  • Data Speed Supported : >1000 MBit/s
  • Pairs Protected : 1-2, 3-6, 4-5, 7-8


Additional Information

Device Gigabit Isolation
Type Supports:1000Mbits/s