E230 G 24/25 B50-FP

SKU: E230 G 24/25 B50-FP

BRAND: Filon Futur

Filon Futur M Battery Charger 207-253Vac Input 24V Charging Voltage. Nominal Current 22A


IEB's high-quality 24V 30A charger is suitable for all types of lead accus from 150Ah to 300Ah. Let us know what type of battery (AGM, gel or lead acid) you are using, as the charger must be adjusted by the manufacturer to the charging feature of your battery.


  • Voltage in volts : 24
  • Technique : Lead
  • Dimensions (L x B x H) : 260 x 164 x 93
  • Capacity in Ah : 150-300
  • Ladstrom in A : 30