BRAND: Communica

Educational Kit Comprising of a Pre-Programmed Robot and Cards. Based on the Scratch Programming Concept and is suitable for children over the age of three

Pre-Programmed Robot and Cards


This product is designed based on the scratch programming concept and is suitable for children 3 years and older.

Originally developed by America's Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Scratch is a simple, visual programming language. Colour coded blocks of code simply snap together in certain ways like a jigsaw, eliminating the typing errors that tend to occur when people use text-based programming languages


Programming Toy:

  • The robot is pre-programmed. No programming is required by the individual. The game helps children to appreciate the logic of programming.
  • Select the task on the map (action drawing). Touch the selection with the bottom of the robot and you will hear the task. 
  • The card has programming instructions which are transferred to the robot when the bottom of the robot touches the card – this controls the movement of the robot.
  • Task: put the robot at the starting point of the map, the robot will automatically correct the direction and walk according to the route ordered by the card. After the task is completed, the robot will turn around in a circle.

Interactive Programming

  • This uses the robot, instruction cards and maps.
  • There are two themes – Life Travel and Space Exploration. This consists of 48 pieces in total.
  • There are 45 instruction cards comprising start, finish, instruction and variable. 

Enlightenment Learning

  • Turn on the power and put it on the “START”. The robot will play simple and interesting sounds when it travels. It is easy and fun. 
  • This uses the robot and maps.
  •  The map themes are:
    • The growth diary of a caterpillar
    • Human’s life.
    • Apple tree
    • Animals of the world

Music and Melody

  • Click the numbers on the music paper chart with the bottom of the robot, and finally put the robot in the middle to realize automatic music playing. You can click on the numbers in any sequence to create your own music.
  • Choose the song from the melody chart to play the chosen song.
  • The robot, music chart and melody map are used. 

Line Tracking

  • The black tape which is supplied should be posted on a smooth desk or ground. A white background works best.
  • Place the robot on the route and the robot will follow the black tape.


  • Robot Size: 70×70×65mm 
  • Box Size: 315x259×80mm 
  • Li-Battery: 3.7V700mAh 
  • Input voltage: 5V 1000mA 
  • Micro USB: USB2.0 

Package Content:

  • Robot: 1PC
  • Task Pamphlet: 1PC 
  • Instruction Cards: 45PCS
  • Theme Maps: 4PCS 
  • Splicing Boards: 48PCS
  • Instructions: 2PCS 
  • Music Melody: 1PC
  • USB Cable: 1PC 
  • Notation: 1PC


Additional Information

Device Robot and Cards
Type Pre-Programmed