BRAND: Nemtek

9000V Energizer Druid 13 LCD 3 joules


The Druid 13 LCD energizer offers 3.0 Joules output energy.

Using the Adaptive Power Technology (APT), pioneered and patented by Nemtek, these two energizers offer a new and unique method in detecting how much power a fence can accept and handle before it starts to arc and waste energy, thus maximising the power on the fence.

Changes in the surrounding environment can affect a fence's efficiency. The APT actively analyses the fence and adapts the transfer of power as required to ensure maximum performance. These Nemtek energizers are an excellent choice for coastal areas, where the salt build-up during the dry season can result in increased power losses along the fence. .


  • LCD display
  • The background colours of the LCD display, give a quick glance indication of the energizer status
  • The Druid LCD range can accept up to two keypads to remotely control the energizer
  • Quick walk test mode on the system
  • High voltage monitor will alarm when the live wires are tampered with
  • Earth wire monitor alarms when there is tampering with the earth wires
  • Easy to use tag switch for controlling the unit if the keypad option is not used
  • Connectable to an armed response radio
  • Gate monitor
  • Lightning and power surge suppression built in
  • Internal battery backup system in case of power failure
  • Intelligent power saving to extend the battery life and save energy


High Voltage Outputs
  • Typical energy output into 500 ohms load (Joules) : 3J
  • Output voltage into an open circuit : 9000V
  • High or low voltage modes, alarm monitoring is enabled in both modes. output voltage settings can be changed for both the high and the low voltage modes : Yes
  • Number of high voltage monitored zones : 1
  • Number of earth loop monitored zones : 1
  • Adaptive power technology (APT), reducing false alarms and arcing on the fence : Yes
  • Fence Interference detection from foreign energizers : Yes
Energizer Controls and Displays
  • Keypads for the remote control of the energizer : 2 max
  • Tag switch – to control the energizer without using a keypad : Yes
  • Remote on/off input : Yes
  • Displays the output and return voltages : No
  • Display type : LED
Gate and Panic Button inputs
  • Timed gate switch input, used to monitor open and closing of the gate : Yes
  • Panic button input : Yes
Alarm outputs
  • Siren output, time programmable : Yes
  • Strobe light output to visually indicate an alarm condition : 1
Power supply and battery backup systems
  • Mains supply voltage : 230V
  • Typical power consumption under normal operating conditions : 18VA
  • Internal battery backup system in case of power failure, capacity of battery : 7 Ah
  • Typical standby time, with a fully charged battery : 24 Hours
  • Solar power panels can be connected to power the energizers, (recommend Watt size for 24 hr operation) : 60 Watts
  • Solar voltage regulator deep cycle battery size : 5 Amp
  • Recommended in amp hours (20 % discharge over a 24 hr cycle) : 60 Ah
Wire length per energizer (live wires in a series system) for both solid and stranded wires
  • Galvanised wires, 1.2mm
    • Optimal performance up to : 3 km
    • Maximum : 5 km
  • Galvanised wires, 2.0mm,2.24mm
    • Optimal performance up to : 3.3 km
    • Maximum : 6.6 km
  • Stainless Steel 1.0mm, 304 and316 grade
    • Optimal performance up to : 0.6 km
    • Maximum : 0.9 km
  • Stainless Steel 1.2mm, 304 and316 grade
    • Optimal performance up to : 0.7 km
    • Maximum : 1 km
  • Stainless Steel 1.6mm, 304 and316 grade
    • Optimal performance up to : 1.4 km
    • Maximum : 2 km
  • Stainless Steel 2.0mm, 304 and316 grade
    • Optimal performance up to : 2.1 km
    • Maximum : 3 km
  • Aluminium Wire 1.6mm and2.0mm
    • Optimal performance up to : 8 km
    • Maximum : 16 km
  • Can be used in multi-energizer network system : No
  • IEC 60335-2-76 : Yes
  • CISPR 14, EN 61000 : Yes
  • Dimensions(mm) : 180x205x120