BRAND: Fluke

True-RMS Logging Digital Multimeter with TrendCapture.


True RMS Logging Multimeter with TrendCapture. Features a large 50,000-count, 3-1/2 inch quarter-VGA dot matrix display that can show multiple measurement sets. The screen also features a white backlight with 2 positions, and displays context-sensitive on-board help screens. The instrument setup is customizable to save time and increase productivity. Multiple save options and automatic time stamping allow convenient recall of field measurements, while a PC interface ensures easy data transfer. Optional FlukeView® Forms PC software enables users to document, store and analyze readings, and then convert them into professional-looking reports.


  • 0.025% DC accuracy, 100 kHz AC bandwidth
  • Large 50,000 count, 1/4 VGA dot matrix display
  • Data logging function with expanded memory
  • TrendCapture allows you to graphically review logged readings right on the meter, without needing a PC. Store, up to 15,000 readings over time
  • Advanced Min/Max/Average – all the data on one screen, with start and elapsed time
  • "i" button – provides on-board function help
  • Two terminal 50Ω range with 1 mΩ resolution, 10 mA
  • Low Pass filter for accurate voltage and frequency measurements on adjustable speed motor drives
  • LoZ Volts. Low impedance voltage function for eliminating ghost voltages