25~50 Meter (Adjustable) Outdoor PIR Detector, IP55

25~50 Meter Outdoor PIR Detector


The D-TECT 50, BS 8418 compliant movement detectors combine advanced signal processing and unique optical systems, which allow for the beam range to be programmed from 25 to 50 metres, avoiding boundary overspill, making it particularly effective for perimeter detection.


  • Two Frensnel lenses giving up to 50m x 10m or 50m x 5m beam coverage.
  • Has exceptional resistance to false alarms and a high immunity to triggers from the sun, reflections and shadows to minimise the potential for false alarms, enabling response centres to deal with genuine threats.
  • The adjustable pan (180o) & tilt (90o) electronics module, coupled with a mounting height of up to 6 metres, allows the view of D-TECT 50 sensor and the camera to be matched.
  • All detectors in the D-TECT range are programmable via an optional key fob remote control, which is a great benefit for post installation adjustments.
  • A conduit cable adaptor is available for surface mount connections.
  • The robust zinc alloy metal case is IP55 rated and fitted with front & rear tamper switches. - detector is versatile & offers a wide range of features to enhance the detection of threats and significantly reduce the incidence of false alarms.


  • RANGE: From 25m to 50m programmable
  • COVERAGE: Detection Area 50m x 10m
  • ADJUSTMENT: 180º pan + 90º tilt
  • MOUNTING HEIGHT: Optimum 3m
  • FRESNEL LENS: 12 zones for each Pyro pair
  • CUSTOMISED OPTICS: Double silicon shielded quad element eliminates
    50,000 Lux of white light
  • INDICATORS: 1 x Blue LED on detection (configurable on/off)
  • OUTPUTS: 2 x volt-free, silent solid state magnetically immune, 2 x neg, switched plus one common tamper (front and rear switched)
  • POWER INPUT: 9 - 24 AC/DC
  • CURRENT: 12 mA (12V nominal)
  • PULSE COUNT: 1-2
  • WALK TEST: Output test mode with LED indication
  • OPERATING TEMP: -20ºC to +55ºC conformally coated electronics for increased stability
  • TEMP. COMPENSATION: Digital sensitivity adjustment
  • TIMER OPTIONS: 2 to 60 seconds
  • LIGHT SENSING: Dusk (2 Lux) to 24 hour
  • HOUSING: High impact zinc alloy
  • DIMENSIONS 145 x 120 x 115 mm
  • WEIGHT: 750g NET, 880g GROSS
  • CABLE <200M: Utilising all five outputs (incl. tamper) - 12 core 7/0.2mm
  • CABLE <500M: Utilising all five outputs (incl. tamper) - 12 core 16/0.2mm

Additional Information

Device Detector
Type 25~50 Meter | Outdoor | PIR