IDS 862-05-360

SKU: IDS 862-05-360


Ceiling Mount Dual Pyroelectric Infrared PIR Detector with 6m Detecting Distance


Ceiling Mounting PIR Detector works via detecting human body's infrared spectrum. When human is moving in detection range, the sensor receives thermal source signals from human body. After enlarging and processing, it sends out the signals to control alarm terminal to avoid false alarm caused by some environment factors. This product is widely used in banks, warehouses, and houses etc.


  • Ceiling mounting installation
  • DSl analyses technology
  • Dual pyroelectric infrared sensor
  • Unique design for easy installation
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Sensitivity, detection distance adjustable
  • No polarity power input
  • Alarm LED on or off optional
  • Anti-tamper switch


  • Operating Voltage : 12VDC
  • Operating Current : <18mA
  • Operating Temperature : -10°C~60°C
  • Infrared Sensor : Dual pyroelectric infrared sensor
  • Detecting Distance : Diameter 6m
  • Alarm output : NC (500mA 100VDC)
  • Anti-tamper switches : NC
  • LED detector light : ON/OFF optional
  • Dimension : ø86 x 25mm