BRAND: Integra

Audio Door Phone Kit , consists of 1 x Audio Outdoor unit and 1 x Indoor Handset


  • Opening the electric lock
  • Tamper Sensor in outdoor station (tamper) : The outdoor station has a tamper sensor, that is, if outdoor station is violated, an audible alarm will always sound both in indoor phone and outdoor station. The alarm sound is similar to the bell
  • 4-wire installation
  • Up to 3 extensions (indoor phones)
  • Allows installation of EXIT buttons to open the lock.(connect to cable “GND” and “Signal’)
  • EXIT Button : If you have EXIT button installed at any place, simply press it for more than 1 second to open the lock


  • Outdoor :
    • Operating voltage : DC 12V (powered by indoor phone)
    • Lock : 12V/1A
    • Room Temperature : -10~+60°C
    • Humidity : 10%~90% no condensing
    • Dimension : 129x88x51mm
  • Indoor :
    • Power Supply : 119~240ACV 50/60HZ automatic
    • Volume of buzzer : 80dB ±2 @ 1m
    • Room Temperature : -10~+60°C
    • Humidity : 10%~90% no condensing
    • Dimension : 188x82x56mm
    • Power Consumption : 5W
  • Cabling :
  • Before installing the product, check the distance between indoor and outdoor and choose the most suitable cable for your installation according to the specification below:
    • 0.4mm2 mm2 up to 30m
    • 0.5mm2 up to 50m
    • 0.75mm2 up to 100m
    • 1.5mm2 up to 200m
    • To install the lock, always use 1.5mm2 cable for distances up to 50m
    • To connect the outdoor station to the indoor phone, use 1.52 cable

Additional Information

Device Door Phone Kit
Type Audio