BRAND: Communica

Power Invertor • 1000W • Input : 12V • Output : 220VAC • with Built in Charger



  • This Uninterruptible Power Source (UPS) is an electronic device that can bypass AC mains and charge up your battery when AC mains is good
  • It will automatically convert DC power from a 12V battery (not included) to standard household AC power when mains failure (function as a DC-AC power inverter)
  • Since these UPSs apply the high frequency power conversion technology, small ferrite transformers are used instead of the bulky transformers in older UPSs
  • The AC output waveform of the VR-series UPS (Inverter mode) is known as “modified sine wave”
  • It is a waveform that has characteristics similar to the sine wave shape of utility power
  • This type of waveform is suitable for most AC loads, including linear and switching power supplies used in electronic equipment, transformers, and motors
  • The modified sine wave produced by the inverter has an RMS (root mean square) voltage of 230 volts, which is the same as standard household power


  • Output Connection : Dual Universal AC Receptacles
  • Output Voltage Output AC : 230 volt AC RMS 50 Hz
  • Output Waveform : Modified Sine Wave (Inverter)
  • Output Waveform : Pure Sine Wave (Bypass)
  • Output Frequency : 50 or 60Hz
  • Output Power : 1000W
  • Surge Power : 2000W
  • Max. Efficiency : >90%
  • Input Voltage Range : 10.5 to 15.5 volt DC
  • Low Voltage Alarm : 10.6 volt DC
  • Low Voltage Shutdown : 10.0 volt DC
  • Charge control : 3-stages
  • Compatible battery types : Wet/gel
  • Charger nominal voltage : 13.8V
  • Charger charge rate : 10A
  • Max. Charge rate : 12A
  • Start T Motor, Air-con. etc : Yes
  • Protection (Thermal,Earth Fault,Battery Overload, and Short Circuit Protection.) : Yes
  • Input Fuse : Internal