BRAND: Communica

Aluminium IR Quad Beam with 76cm Height and 30m Outdoor Range


The infrared multi-beam barrier uses updated intelligent high technology which can be used in outdoor and indoor. The features is easy installation and adjustment, pretty appearance, widely used in important places which need to be protected at fence, such as, institution, school, villa, and factory, etc. It could be installed at fence, door & window, balcony for perimeter protection purpose, it is available to avoid property loss and make property safety.


  • Bi-directional infrared beam barriers for the protection of industrial buildings, long balconies, corridors and windows.
  • 4 channel selectable beam frequencies to eliminate cross talk.
  • It is made up of two microprocessor logic circuits mounted with the SMD technique which manages up to 12 pairs of optical circuits and up to 2 meters aluminium pillars. Optics are multiplexed, and the alarm sounds when two optics are obscured (and function).
  • Patented technology completely eliminates false alarm caused by small animals, falling leaves, blowing debris or other changes in the installation site, weather proof feature suitable for heavy fog, snow, dusty, rainy conditions.
  • White light immunity: excellent performance under headlight or sunlight, perfect for any harsh environment.
  • Cover tamper protection
  • Simple beam alignment with LED and indication and buzzer
  • UV protected polycarbonates IR filter cover and aluminum alloyed rail
  • Intelligent heating (optional)


  • Range : 30m
  • Pillar height : 76cm
  • Maximum of Beams : 10
  • Optical Lens : Polycarbonate Fresnel Lens (18mm diameter)
  • Detection Method : Bi-directional + Synchronous (by wire) & Asynchronous
  • Interruption Period : 50, 100, 250, 500msec (4steps)
  • Alarm Period : 2sec(±1)
  • Alarm Output : Form C Relay (C/NC/NO) + 1 Tamper Switch (C/NC)
  • Power Supply : 9-16VDC
  • Current Consumption : ≤95mA (Transmitter + Receiver)
  • Alignment Angle : Horizontal 180°(±90&deg)
  • Water-proof : IP55
  • Terminals : TX: GND,VCC,RT. RX: GND,VCC,RT,NO,NC,COM
  • Operating Temperature : -25 - 55°C(-40 - 55°C Intelligent heating)
  • Housing : Aluminium Alloyed