BRAND: Kudom

Solid State Relay Sil 3A CV=3-10VDC Load Voltage 400VDC Mosfet Output

400VDC 3A Solid State Relay


KSL series is printed board mounted DC output solid state relay. Compact size, high inrush current, suitable for control and isolation between control signal and high current. Widely used in industry automationand different kinds of DC motor, DC power supply, electromechanical device etc. Control mode is DC control, load voltage is 60VDC,100VDC,200VDC,400VDC.


  • MOSFET output
  • Low on-state resistance
  • Opto-isolation
  • Dielectric strength≥2500Vrms
  • PCB mounted
  • RoHS compliant


  • Input Circuit :
    • Control Voltage Range : 3~10VDC
    • Minimum Turn-On Voltage : 3VDC
    • Minimum Turn-Off Voltage : 1VDC
    • Maximum Input Current : 35mA
  • Output Circuit
    • Load Voltage Range : 0~60VDC
    • Transient Overvoltage : 80Vpk
    • Load Current Range : 0.02~4A
    • Maximum Surge Current [@10ms] : 15A
    • Maximum Turn-On Time : 0.5ms
    • Maximum Turn-Off Time : 0.5ms
  • Dielectric Strength : ≥4000Vrms [Input/Output]


Additional Information

Device Relay
Type Solid State | Single Phase | DC Output
Highlights 44.5x10.5x26mm | SIL | MOSFET Output