BRAND: Camelian

USB Power Adaptor 2Pin Plug-IN Type 5V 1A

USB Power Adaptor 2Pin Plug-In


The Camelion USB Power Adapters provide a direct power supply for iPhone, mobile phones,
PSP, Blackberry, MP3/4 players, camcorders, PDA and other devices. Simply connect the USB
power adapter with a USB cable and your device, plug and play into the socket.

The power adapters are small, compact and practical. They have a short circuit protection
which protects the power adapter and the mobile devices in the case of a short circuit.
Also are given an over current and over temperature protection.


  • Small and compact- this unit is designed to be portable and ergonomic
  • Short circuit protection damage to the charger and mobile device is prevented in case of a short circuit- in such cases the unit is not damaged and quickly recovers normal operation
  • Over-current and overheating protection
  • Global use options plug types are available depending on country requirements
  • Automatic multi-voltage 100 to 240V AC/DC


  • Handy Power Source 5V, 1A direct power source for iPhone units, mobile phones
  • PSP, Blackberry, MP3/4, DV, PDA and other devices. Just plug it into your wall socket
  • Power up and start to play
  • Input : AC 100-240V~50/60Hz
  • Output : DC 5V 1A

Additional Information

Device Power Adaptor
Type USB | 2Pin | Plug-In