MAJ K6016

SKU: MAJ K6016

BRAND: Major Tech

Advanced Multifunction Tester



The K6016 is an advanced multifunction tester that can perform ten separate test functions and provide all the test functions generally required in full compliance of SANS0142 and IEC 60364-4. Functions include insulation, continuity, earth loop impedance, prospective short circuit, earth resistance, phase rotation and RCD trip testing. It can store a maximum of 1000 measured results in its on-board memory and can be downloaded via the USB adaptor. The K6016 is software driven and guides the user on the graphic LCD through the test functions displayed, making the instrument very easy to use. The K6016 has a slim remote probe with a test button as well as a lockdown option on the instrument for the most convenient hands free testing. The K6016 incorporates Anti Trip Technology (ATT) which electronically bypasses RCD’s when performing loop impedance tests.

RCD (ELCB)-Auto Test

Auto test enables complete testing of RCD (6 tests) while the operator simply stands by and resets the RCD. All the results re displayed on one screen – no need to scroll.



    • 10 Test functions
    • Slim remote probe with test button for hands free testingv
    • Microprocessor Controlled for Accuracy and Reliabilityv
    • 250V, 500V and 1000V Insulation test ranges
    • Auto ramp and auto test for RCD ranges
    • Auto power off
    • Tests of a large kind of RCD’s including DC tests for DC sensitive breakers
    • Anti Trip Technology (ATT) on loop test ranges
    • Mains Voltage and Frequency measurements
    • Continuity with Auto-null
    • Loop impedance test with 0.01Ω resolution
    • On-board memory to stores 1000 test results
    • Live circuit warning and visual indication of correct wiring status on LED’s
    • Direct readout of PSC and Earth Fault Current (PFC)
    • UL contact voltage limit of 25V or 50V
    • 0° and 180° Phase angle selection
    • Phase rotation tester
    • Earth Resistance testing
    • IP54 dust and water resistant casing
    • CAT III 300V and CAT II 600V


  • Carrying case
  • AA Batteries
  • Test leads
  • Instruction manual
  • USB cable
  • COC